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Excerpt from the Puppy's Day Out 'verse.

All that needs to be known is that this bit takes place in Blue Earth, which is totally a place in canon (as is Pastor Jim).

Little Bob. Robin. Eli. Zeke. They're bnrothers, Big Bob is the as-yet-uncast father.

Prompts from Mikhale: write me some sam and dean schmoop. snow. christmas. hot chocolate. and snowball fights.

So it's Christmas, right? Sam's fifteen and Dad's given him the awesome gift of letting him and Dean stay behind at Pastor Jim's while he takes care of the newest hunt in Georgia.

Sam and Dean spend all day running around outside like they're five. They make snow forts and snow angels and sneak syrup out of the church kitchen to make candy with.

At one point they manage to catch Big Bob, Little Bob, Robin, Eli and Zeke bringing in some supplies to the church.

Sam and Dean bombard them with perfectly packed snowballs and an iceball or five.

The war lasts for almost two hours and nearly the entire town is involved by the time Pastor Jim makes everyone surrender (Dean still thinks he blessed his snowballs, those ones hurt) and come in to dry off.

At one point there's a bottleneck of cold, wet, shivering, naked bodies trying to force their ways into the large bathrooms before they refreeze.

Sam and Dean forgo the showers, opting instead to change their clothes, steal the first mugs of hot chocolate and curl up on the couch (for body heat and warmth, of course) before laying claim to the TV.

They fall asleep smushed together; Eli against Zeke against Sam against Dean against Robin who just had to call dibs on the arm of the couch.

Sam wakes up the next morning with warm hands and Dean's smell covering him, along with a really thick blanket, and doesn't even mind that Zeke is chewing on his arm like a pacifier.

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Last updated: August 20th 2007