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Five times Sam told someone at Stanford at least part of the truth.


Sam has somewhere around fifty or so pieces of buckshot in his right flank, mostly under his arm.

When Jess found out about it (fucking metal detectors) he told her he took a wrong step while hunting with his Dad and brother.

Okay yeah, it was a Nagual but still, hunting.

Come to think of it why the fuck did they have buckshot rounds with them anyway?


Sam did this thing his first night in the dorms; Two Truths and a Lie. You tell three facts like they're the truth and try and fool people into guessing the lie as a truth.

He told the truth about only having one kidney (and you're stoned if you think he'd say anything about the Wendigo that ate it) and about having been to forty-nine states (he doesn't have to mention that he actually lived in all of them at one point or another).

The lie was actually a truth too, he has broken three bones. He's broken more than that even, but technicalities were always something Sam liked.


He really did mean it when he told Jess he loved her.

Every single time.


Sam most definetly told the truth when he introduced himself to people as "Sam Winchester."

Shut up, it does too count.


Sam really is a military brat.

John was a Marine, Sam was is his son. Therefore, Sam is a military brat.

Okay, so yeah, that's not why he moved around so much or why he runs ten miles a day but, really. That wasn't the question they asked now, was it?

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Last updated: August 20th 2007