Prison Break Fics

Title: One Big Happy Weasly Family
Author: clex_monkie89
Rating: G
Characters: Lincoln, Veronica, LJ, Michael, Sara, Maricruz, Sucre, Deedee, C-Note, Kacee, T-Bag
Prompt: 024 - Family
Originally posted: 02-14-2006

It started out normal enough for a safe-house. Five rooms, easy split. Lincoln and Veronica in one room, Sucre and Maricruz in a room, C-Note and Kacee in a room with their daughter, Michael, Sara and LJ in a room and T-Bag in a room by himself.

Somehow though everything got... changed.

Lincoln was having fun just sitting on a soft bed and watching television, Veronica was content to lead up against the headboard and read. Nothing about the case tonight, nothing about conspiracies or death or police or anything of the like, just a trashy romance novel with a wispy woman to make fun of and a hero to laugh at.

Then LJ came in. Apparently Michael and Sara were talking on and on about why Sara felt she had the right to be angry and how Michael never meant to kidnap her and how this was all for their own good and eventually LJ got tired of it and had to escape. Lincoln asked if he drew a map on his chest before he snuck out and LJ smiled and climbed onto the bed, sitting next to his father and leaning against him.

Veronica tried to ignore it but she couldn't help the suspiciously girly noise that slipped out when Lincoln kissed the side of LJ's head and LJ hugged him. At Lincoln's Glare of Righteous Manliness she smothered a smile and started back on her book.

Two commercials later Michael and Sara came in almost silently. Michael wordlessly climbed on the bed and Lincoln and LJ moved over to make room for him. Veronica shared a small smile with Sara at the sight of Lincoln and "his boys" relaxing. Sara took a seat next to Veronica and asked what she was reading. After a moment of embarrased stuttering Veronica handed the book over. Sara laughed and asked if she had gotten to the part where Beauregaurd rescued Millicent from the wild jack-rabbits yet.

Maricruz came through the door moments later with an embarrassed look on her face and asked if she could sit with them for a bit while Sucre cleaned the remains of her partially-digested dinner off their bed. Michael waved her in and she joined in Sara and Veronica's discussion of bad "romance" books which quickly turned into a discussion of bad "romance" movies and then to attractive leading men.

Sucre came in next after returning to his and Maricruz's room to find her missing. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and another on her rounded belly before taking a seat in front of the bed to watch some random show with two random girls who were apparently supposed to be gun-toting sisters. Sucre leaned back and listened to LJ try to explain to them who "Deena" and "Samantha (Not Sam anymore, never Sam)" where and why they were being chased by a phantom motorcycle. Lincoln made some crack about Ghost Rider and the discussion breifly switched to comics before LJ managed to pull it back.

C-Note's daughter came running in squeeling about "Daddy's big head" breaking the light in their room and her not liking the dark. The little girl, who had fallen madly in love with LJ upon first sight, ran over to the bed and climbed into his lap and asked what they were watching. Upon being told that the name of the show was "Superstitious" she asked if it was a "cowardly lot." Lincoln was the only one who got the joke and after explaining that it came from a Batman cartoon he was forced to smack Sucre on the back of the head at the muffled snort of laughter.

Next came C-Note trying to find his daughter and Kacee following behind complaining about her husband's lack of ability to touch a light-bulb without breaking it.

That was two weeks ago.

The average sleep arangement now has changed drastically. T-Bag still has his own room and still sleeps in it alone (But not for lack of trying to escape. Nobody wanted to ask why Maricruz had packed handcuffs) but everyone else has taken up residence in The Room.

Who gets the bed each night is usually figured out by who manages to stay on the bed after The Boys have their own little king of the hill battle. Several times the women (And LJ because he can quiver his lip just right) have gotten the bed and banned the men to the lava pit/floor.

Most nights everyone ends up in some form of awkward tangle. C-Note always complains, Veronica always kicks Michael in the back (Which she's done for years and years and years) and Sara always has to go to the bathroom right after everyone gets comfortable but nobody really minds and whether they admit it or not the sheer amount of numbers helps them feels safe.

The bedroom door has five deadbolts, it's own alarm system seperate from the one for the house, two chains, a latch and a lock that can only be operated from inside the room. T-Bag may be handcuffed but no one in the house is stupid enough to assume anything with him.

Every night Deedee falls asleep next to her Mommy and wakes up in the middle of the night and crawls right up next to LJ until he pulls the blanket up and lets her in.

[Inspiration: "I had this old bunny once where they are on the escape with the whole group and Sara is a hostage. And little by little everybody (first LJ, then Michael brings Sara, then Sucre comes along, then C-Note) moves into Linc and Veronica's room and camps out there on the bed on or on the floor."--TheLana (I actually found out C-Note's wife's name. Dude. I rock!) and Smidgey for the pop-culture refrences.]

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