Prison Break Fics

Title: Faulty Wiring
Author: clex_monkie89
Pairing: none
Originally posted: 02-17-2006




"City rape center, you rape 'em we scrape 'em."


"He's taking a dump right now, who're you?"

"You must be Dean."


"Right. When he gets out can you tell him that the the engineer from Chicago called."

"Uh-huh. Engineer?"

"Yes, I'm going to need him to rewire the entire place, let him know that if he's here by Friday I'll double the pay."


The phone hangs up just as the bathroom door opens. Sam walks out with a grimace on his face and washes his hands in the sink.

"No more mexican food with chinese cooks, next time you do that I'm licking the car." He eyed the mirror and caught a glimpse of Dean staring at his cell phone in confusion. "Dean?"

"Do you know an engineer in Chicago?"

"Michael called?"

~ ~ ~ ~

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