Prison Break Fics

Title: Defense
Author: clex_monkie89
Rating: PG-13 (Violence and cursing)
Pairing: None
Originally posted: 12-24-2005

Linc's always been there for him. One time, before everything went the way it did Michael came home beat-up with his palms and knees and clothes all bloody and torn. Mom was at work so Linc washed him up and and made him a bowl of cereal to eat while he carefully cleaned his wounds. Linc asked him what happened but Michael wouldn't tell him, he was afraid Linc would be mad at him for not fighting back.

It happened another three times, that Linc knows of, before Linc came up with a plan to follow Michael to school. Nothing bad happened on the way to school, though when Linc saw Michael give his lunch to the old homeless guy on the corner of 75th and Rose he suddenly understood how he could eat twice as much as Linc at dinner. Linc sat outside the school all day, even though he knew that Michael liked to go sit in the nurse's office during recess. That of course meant that it must've been happening on the way home.

Linc knew he was right and he had it proved to him in the alleyway behind the tattoo parlor next to Metal Death. Linc was far enough behind that he could make out the words but he didn't think there was any yelling involved. There were three kids that looked to be about Michael's age even if they looked like they had nearly twenty pounds apiece on him. The kids closed in on Michael and seemed to be playing pinball with him, they of course being the bumpers and Michael as the small cold metal.

Linc wanted to step in at the first shove but a small voice in his head, which sounded disturbingly like their father, told him to wait and see what happened.

Linc saw the kids shove his brother around some more and watched as Michael just stood there. Even from their distance he could tell by the way Michael was standing and just... not moving his head at all that he was probably cataloguing this. Against his better judgment he still did nothing, hoping against hope that Michael would snap and fight back or even run away or just do anything at all. And then the first hit landed.

Michael went down and Linc was off. Linc noticed the biggest kid, the one in the dirty brown jacket and the skateboard, and saw his foot slam into Michael's face before his arms could draw up to protect it. The attackers got in a few more kicks before Linc covered enough ground to tackle the one closest to him. After a few solid blows to the boys face he was down for the count and the other two boys were running. They were fast but he was angry and he managed to catch the boy with the abandoned skateboard before he could escape the alleyway.

Linc grabbed a fistful of the other boy's hair and dragged him back over to where Michael was still curled like a potato-bug on the ground.

"You see him," He asked. When the boy didn't answer Linc's fist slammed into the side of the other boy's face. "I asked you a question motherfucker! Do you see this kid right here?" The boy nodded his head, tearing streaming down his cheeks and breathes coming in short gasps. Linc yanked the boy's head back more and pulled out the knife he kept on his belt, flipping it open and pressing it into the soft flesh of the boy's stomach. "If you ever touch him again, if you even fucking bump into him in the hall I will fucking cut you so deep you'll need two coffins. Got it?" The boy gasped in stinging lungfulls of air and nodded his head so hard that Linc was left with hair between his fingers. Linc left the boy go and he took off running out of the alleyway.

Linc put his knife away again and knelt down next to his brother, watching Michael's muscles shake with tension and fear.

"Mikey? Hey Mikey, you in there," Linc asked quietly. Linc slowly put a hand on his brother's shoulder and heard the quick intake of air that he had come to known meant Michael was coming back to the normal world. "Come on Mikey, get up, you're okay. Come on it's okay, let me see what happened." Michael climbed to his feet and stood silently while his older brother looked him over. Definitely a broken nose, probably a cracked rib or two, and random bruises and scrapes including one on his cheek that was still bleeding. Linc wiped away some of the blood while trying to smile.

"You want some ice cream Mikey? My treat?" Michael just kept that same stunned look on his face, the same one he got when mom accidentally stepped on his pet mouse, the one that said he wasn't sure what just happened but he knew it was bad. Linc pulled his younger brother to him in a hug and laid a kiss on the side of his head. He felt Michael shake slightly and heard the air rush into his lungs like water down a drain. They only stayed like that for a few moments before Michael got himself under control and stepped back out of his brother's protective bubble.

"Mint chocolate chip?" Linc had to laugh at that because it was so... Michael. If you can't deal with something now you ignore it and file it away until later.

"Sure, whatever you want."

"Even if I want peanut butter chips and red licorice in it too?" The look on Michael's face is a teasing one, a smile that rarely appears without the aid of books.

"You're a sick fuck, you know that right?" Michael just smiled wider in response.

~ ~ ~ ~

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