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Title: Anatomy Of A Serial Killer
Author: clex_monkie89
Rating: R (Graphic imagery and gore.)
Pairing: None.
Summary: The toe bone's connected to the foot bone... (AU)
Originally posted: 01-05-2006

Toe bone's connected to the foot bone.

He squeezes the wrench and twists. He squeezed too tight on the first three and snapped them, one splintering into a hundred thousand shards that resembled the fiberglass fir of a cheap Christmas-tree. He feels the pop of the bone sliding out of it's joint and sets the small piece of flesh in the bowl already holding the fingers. He likes to strip the flesh off of those slowly, watching the meat separate from the fat and bone.

He trades the wrench for a scalpel and moves on.

Foot bone's connected to the ankle bone.

The small blade cuts into the thin flesh just under the joint and slides easily across. He has to trade in for a knife with a serrated edge when he gets stuck on a tendon, it doesn't give as clean a cut but it takes less time and there's never enough time lately to do things the way he likes.

He trades back the knife for the scalpel and finishes separating the muscles. When he's done with that he digs his latex-covered fingers into the dead tissue and pulls at the joint until it gives and the last remaining connection to the foot slides off.

Ankle bone's connected to the shin bone.

His hands work quickly at this part, it was once the hardest bit but now he thinks he might like the joints the best. Fingers in, bend, squeeze, pull, drop. It's nice and routine and doesn't often vary and even when the muscles change and slide wrong and bleed he knows that the joints will be connected the exact same way every time.

There's a small part of him that's disappointed when he's done.

Shin bone's connected to the knee bone.

The scalpel slides up the front of the tibia and the skin splits, falling open and exposing the bones down by the floppy mass of flesh where the ankle once was. A smile graces his face as he wraps his right hand around the bottom end of the bone.

Never mind the joints, he thinks as he pulls out the bone with a sharp tug, this is the fun part. He grabs the fibula and repeats.

Knee bone's connected to the leg bone.

Fingers in, bend, squeeze, pull, drop. He cracks his neck as the patella bounces against the wrists in the clear glass jar.

Leg bone's connected to the hip bone.

He picks up a kitchen knife, not one of his of course, and slices away the excess flesh between where the knee and ankle used to be. The kitchen knife gets exchanged for a fillet knife and he slices up towards the hip in a nice spiral; inside left, up and outside right to inside left. Repeat. If done correctly, and it always is when he does it, you are left with a nice long ribbon of finely haired flesh stretched out from the outside of the hip. He pulls at the muscles and they separate like meat off a chicken-bone. He makes a mental note to stop by a KFC on the way home.

Next comes the femur, which dislocates with a tell-tale crunch of broken bone that tells him he twisted too far.

Hip bone's connected to the back bone.

The favored scalpel makes yet another appearance and he slices off the line of flesh flowing from the hip. His hands disappear into the gaping hole where the genitals once were and his wrists pop along with the pelvis as it separates from the spine.

The pelvis gets it's own private space in between the clavicles and scapula.

Back bone's connected to the neck bone.

He severs the head at the neck, crushing the second cervical vertebrae. He uses his Special Knife for this job and with his left hand fisted in the dirty hair he saws away at the neck until the mutilated torso falls loose and bounces back down to the coffee table with a dull thump. The blood quickly rushes out like water from an upturned bucket and the mess it makes is almost enough to make Michael pause. Almost.

Neck bone's connected to the chin bone.

The chapped lips on the young man separate further as he draws a bloody smile from the corner of each lip to the bottom of each ear. He traces the bottom of the hairline out near the nape of the neck until it meets the gruesome smile. He laughs a little as he pulls away the bottom half of the other man's face.

Chin bone's connected to the head bone.

The mandible makes an audible pop when it unhinges from the skull, this one much louder than the toes. It's a satisfying sound and it lets him know his job is almost complete. His scalpel skates from the hairline down the nose and through the soft skin below the nose, ending only when it runs out of flesh. It picks up right where it started and slides down the back of the head and through the matted hair. He peels the flesh from the top of the skull and lays it down next to the tattoos that were removed earlier.

"Huh," he thinks out loud as he stares into the eyeballs sitting in their sockets. "He does have mom's eyes."

~ ~ ~ ~

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