Prison Break Fics

Anatomy Of A Serial Killer - Toe bone's connected to the foot bone (01-05-2006)

Baker Street Butcher - The cops down in 'Bama didn't even know nothin' was wrong till it was all too late (03-17-2006)

- Lincoln is lounging in a chair on the back porch (02-14-2006)

- Linc's always been there for him (12-24-2005)

- Deepbreathdeepbreathdeepbreath... In (01-11-2006)

Faulty Wiring (Supernatural crossover)
- Ring (02-17-2006)

Five Things They Are Not
- She doesn't need the morphine, her body doesn't cramp and scream and burn for it (04-13-2006)

Head-butt Ain't Just A Verb - "Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows off when their cats died?" (03-21-2006)

One Big Happy Weasly Family - It started out normal enough for a safe-house (02-14-2006)

One thirty-seven ae em - Sucre is flat on his back on the ground, pillows traded for a blanket he shares with the man next to him (02-14-2006)

Opening Credits (John Doe crossover) - "...But it just doesn't make any sense, don't pedophiles normally stick with just one sex?" (01-05-2006)

Picture Book - Nick and LJ. The cabin. Bonding (03-15-2006)

Repetition - "Repeat it back to me." (03-15-2006)

Running - He looks like he's been running (01-08-2006)

Soundtrack - There are some songs that Michael can't listen to (01-03-2006)

Calender Days - It was a Thursday when he found out (03-01-2006)

Calendar Days (Leap Year) - It was a Thursday when he found out how much longer it was going to be before he got to see Lincoln again (03-04-2006)

Fics that aren't (Or the stories I haven't written) (02-26-2006)

Fifty Shades of Lincoln Burrows - Fifty sentences about Lincoln Burrows (03-29-2006)

One hundred and fifty-four - Rule number one hundred and fifty-four says Lincoln must kiss it and make it better (02-10-2006)

Same Time Tomorrow? - "I'm bored." ( 02-28-2006)

The Difference Between A Rule And A Law - They have an "agreement." (01-22-2006)

Five People Sara Never Had Wild Hot Monkey Sex With. - They were sixteen (03-15-2006)

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