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Title: Is It Worth It?
Author: clex_monkie89
Rating: PG
Warnings: War, death, and dialogue-only.
Notes: 15 minute fic spawned from boredom.
Originally posted: 05-19-2004

"So, why do you think you deserve to live?"

"Well, I-I-I have a lot, a lot, a lot *ahem* sorry, I'm kind of nervous. Uh, I have a lot to offer the world, and in this body I will um...I'll become president of America and make many helpful laws..."

"Yeah, okay, it says here that at the age of sixteen you will kill a four-year-old girl while drinking and driving."

"Oh. But uh, you'll, uh, notice that um, what's her name again?"

"Fortune Aga."

"Yeah, that um Fortune will—would—will be the next Hitler if I don't run her over."

"I'm sure her parents would take comfort in that fact."

"Well, don't all things happen for a reason? I thought that was why you do this?"

"If you don't get this body she will grow up and kill thousands of people in the name of hate. She will enslave many nations and many parents will die at her hands. But when she finally dies one child, whose entire family was slaughtered because of her, will rally the survivors together in peace. There will be no more war, no more weapons. However, the humans will only have another five hundred years in existence before succumbing to an alien threat due to the lack of defense.

"If you are given this particular body, you will be born to an upper-middle class couple in Florida. You will be an only child who will be spoiled and sent to private schools. At sixteen you will be given a shiny new red sports car which you will use to run over Fortune Aga. Because of your exemplary background and age, and do to the fact that you would be part of a wealthy white family whereas Fortune's family are poor South African immigrants your family will buy the Aga family's silence.

"You will deny rights to millions of people in need; you will also invade four different countries and kill millions of innocent people in the name of 'freedom.' One week before your successor is inaugurated America will be attacked by North Korea and China who have signed a treaty. It will be the start of World War Three. The war will last for twenty-three years, two months and six days. The 'winner' doesn't matter because much of the Earth will be decimated. But the human race will live for over four thousand years after figuring out how to create artificial atmosphere to live on other planets."

"Oh. Wow, um, I..."

"There's one large question that needs to be answered. Is it worth it? Four thousand years of war and death or five hundred years of peace?"


"Don't worry, you'll get a body, maybe it'll even be this one."

"But, I don't know if I want this one anymore. I don't want to be responsible for all those deaths."

"That's for them to decide, not you. We'll call you. NEXT!"


(Death /...does and interview)

~ ~ ~ ~

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