Fic To-Do List

1) SamandJess truth or dare fic.

Lots of random bits. It starts with Jess telling Sam she feels like she doesn't really know anything about him and then randomly confessing things (to get little confessions in turn). The dars come in the form of one of them saying something like, "You know what you should do?" Shut up, I like it.

2) SamandPriestly Stanford!fic. (Ten Inch Hero crossover)

Is partially written. Must refind muse in order to get going again.

3) Pee!fic (For Hans)

See the part that says "For Hansbekhart"? That means it's her fault. I told her (Or her sister, I don't remember which one was on the comp at the time) that I was gonna make SamandDean fuck against a stall while an OC who may-or-may-not be her is pissing on the other side. I doubt she'll let me get away with that but I'm gonna try.

4) John getting high with Dean (For Hansbekhart)

This came over a rant about a fic (Or three) where John catches Dean smoking a joint and then proceeds to go off on him like he just found him shooting up heroin while cooking some meth. She proclaimed a massive need/want for a fic where John catches Dean with a joint and then proceeds to get high with him. I agreed to do it.

5) Gay!Sam (Possibly Trans!Sam)

Originally this was supposed to be a fic with Sam all gay with no incest and for some reason every time I try and picture it I instead see him at Stanford softening his muscles, growing his hair, seeing a therapist and generally making all the moves he can into transitioning.

6) Sam has a kid, thinks it's Dean's (Teagen who was obviously named by a teenage girl)

Yeah, I'm sorry No I'm not. I love Sammich and no one ever gives him babies. I think that is a crime. So I've decided to give him babies. Well, a baby. And he totally thinks it's Dean's because Dean told him it was (so Sam wouldn't go all emo!girl over not being there for the midget).

7) Genderswap

My original Big Bang idea. The Genderswap I want to read and no one has yet written. Sam and Dean suddenly waking up chicks and not suddenly going out to buy dresses and make-up. Sam who isn't bothered much by it except for the chest that keeps getting in his way and Dean who is so used to this kind of crap happening to them that he's only ever bitchy about it in the middle of the night when he pisses all over himself because he forgets he doesn't have a dick at the moment. Dean whose lone goal now is to have incestuous lesbian sex with Sam and Sam who is so freaked out by how his female body responds to things that he wants nothing at all to do with any kind of sex.

8) Grade school teachers trying to figure out what language Wee!Sammich speaks (Latin)

Resulting from a talk with Hans about how well John does or doesn't speak Latin. I decided that since Dean learned how to shoot at six (two years after the fire) it's entirely reasonable to think that John was teaching Sam and Dean Latin as he learned it (since children learn languages best before the age of... eight? Six?) And I just thought it would be funny as hell if John was so obsessed with getting Sam to learn the Latin that he spaced on the English (because they say that if you want a child to learn another language you should speak to them in language constantly and John would be so focused on making him repeat the Latin that he'd forget that Sam would have to learn English too).

Looking over that now I realize if I did it wrong I might get a bunch of John haters in here cheering me and that's a big no. So it's just Wee!Sammich being a kid and deciding he doesn't wanna speak English to them. Absolutely refuses it even after they shove him in an ESL class (did they have those back then?).

9) Sam listening to Dean's music at college and liking it

Less liking the music itself and more liking the memories associated with certain songs/bands/albums. More of a "Iron Man comes on his brand new iPod--a birthday gift from Jess--and he's eight again, screaming off-key to the song with Dad and Dean as they barrel down the South Carolina backroads." thing.

10) Sam telling his friends the meanings behind various songs (Paint It Black, Little Red Corvette, etc)

Possibly mushed with the one right above this. Thought up the fourth time I had to explain to someone that Paint It Black was not about heroin.

11) Simon Said AU with Andy roadtripping with SamandDean for a few months

I have about four or five pages of notes on this from talking with Mikhale. There are prank wars and hidden Wincest and much general awesomeness from Andy.

12) Map out PDO 'verse

Okay, so that's not really a fic so much as it is me re-organizing all my notes on Jess, her roommate Evan, Sam's roommate(s) Dietrich and Eli and their back stories/plots. Will likely end up being several fics of mapping before PDO gets it's long overdue kick-off.

13) SPN/RPS story

Sam and Dean are real. And Kripke knows because after his first draft of the show was tossed he called them up and asked if he could blatantly rip off their lives. They show up eventually (hunt in the area or something handwavey) and Kripke introduces them to Jared and Jensen as "the real Sam and Dean Winchester. Ghosts and demons sold separately." Did I mention the part where Kripke was Michael from Something Wicked? He of course made a few changes to that script (he saved his big brother and it was his aunt's motel while he was on summer vacation).

Not sure whether or not Real!Sam and Real!Dean will tell Jared and Jensen they hunt ghosts like on the show, hunt ghosts like on the Sci-Fi channel or do something completely different that's unrelated to the supernatural (because it's obviously fake, y'know?). I totally have a list of differences between the Real!Boys and Jared and Jensen going.

14) Breakfast Club!Teen!Fic

Watch that movie three times in one week and tell me if it doesn't sneak into your head. Shut up. It wouldn't be exactly like that (no friendships forged across social circles or stupid papers to write or anything) but it'd take the base form. Sam and Dean get detention (with a football player, a prep, a nerd, a "unique loner," and a delinquent. "When the fuck did we walk into a John Hughes movie?" "Just sit down, Duckie." "Hey, man, Duckie was cool. Don't knock The Duckie.") and have to actually serve it.

15) J2 for doodle for that one thing.

Prompt: According to IMDB, Jared and Jensen were both in one episode of Smallville together (Jared with the thrilling role of student 3 or something). What I want is based on the premise that this is in fact correct. While shooting the ep, the boys meet and think PHWOAR. And then have some hot and sweaty, no strings attached, just the once sex, thinking they'll never see each other ever again.

Then of course, the recognize each other when they meet for the casting call for SPN and have a total - OH SHIT. IT'S YOU! ANGST! moment. Then there is more hot-sweaty-sex after the casting call.

16) Dean potty training Wee!Sammich (For Schneestern)

John desperately trying and failing, Dean succeeding, Sam being Pavlov trained to piss when he hears "Twinkle, twinkle, little star."

17) Prison Break fic for Sweet Charity

Prompt: Something around Michael's college life and the trouble of fitting Lincoln into it; or something where they are younger about Lincoln's criminal endeavors; about how Michael is his reason to go home at night, how he thinks about Michael all the time and in his thoughts everything he does, every pain he suffers is for Michael.

18) Five Good Things Sam Remembers About John

This is mainly because as much as I love Dean raising Sam and taking care of him I know John did his job too. This whole thing came from watching Scarred and seeing some dude bust his leg hard enough to send the bone clear through the skin. I suddenly had this image of sixteen-year-old Sam snapping his leg like that (hunting or playing soccer or something) and John just being right there to scoop him up and carry him back to the car like he weighs nothing. Adrenaline, baby. No one stand between John Winchester and His Boys.

19) Dean's kids

We've all seen the Friends episode. Nothing's 100%. With all the sex Dean has in fanon he should have more babies running around. So, yeah, I'm giving him babies (and a ten-year-old who drives her grandparents insane).

20) Sam at Jess' parent's house for the weekend to meet them

PDO 'verse. The weekend from hell. Broken bones, blood, nudity, etc. Everything that can go wrong does. Except for ghosts, thankfully. It sounds better in my head than it does right here.

21) SamandJess at her parent's house for Christmas

Mostly Jess teaching Sam about her family's traditions and present exchanges. I just like the idea of Sam being so clueless and Jess thinking nothing of it because it's completely okay to not know other people's traditions. And him telling her how it still feels weird not to see snow on Christmas and some of the stuff he and Dean used to do around the holidays.

22) Pyrokinetic!Dean (For Indigo Blind)

From my Five Powers 'verse. Dean learning how to control his powers, him and Samuel at college, the burning car, etc.

23) "The Winchester Guide To Somewhat Spontaneous Sex-Changes, Out of Body Experiences and Other Things That Happen When Nobody Listens To Anyone" (U.S. Title "Suck It Up And Be A [Wo]Man")

A Winchester handbook to various Crack and Cliches. Genderswap, bodyswap, and other things like that. Experimental format. Has the possibility to be really awesome or really bad.

24) SamandJess comfort!fic

PDO 'verse. Sam gets distressing news and hides out in bed for the next day and a half. His roommates and other friends are leaving him alone because he "just needs to wallow a little." Jess calls them idiots and crawls under the covers with him to cuddle him and ask what's wrong.


We're talking lots of random cuddling and sweetness. So much sweetness you will get diabetes just from reading it. It's entirely Mikhale's fault too.

26) "I am Sam's growing insanity."

Based on this picture. Before that episode of Grey's Anatomy aired I cast Kyle Chandler as Jess's Dad. And as I was explaining this to Deam I mentioned that that pic right there was John Winchester and Ryan Moore (FBI agent) being snarky and reproachful in Sam's head. So now I kinda need to write that.

27) There is no such thing as an Ex-Marine.

SamandDean and morning runs and push-ups and shit. The non-hunt ways they stay in shape. Friday Steaks and ten mile runs and sleeping at three in the afternoon and weight training and all that shit.

28) Wincesty SPN/House fic

Because while I've seen several House/SPN crossovers I've never seen one with Wincest. I am mostly just waiting on the hand-holding of all the medical stuff (and trying to figure out how to get the boys from the clinic to House's care).

29) Symbology

MUAHAHAHAHAHA! This is my epic Jess Lives AU. Originally it was supposed to be thirty drablleish ficbits set in some random universe where Jess lived and Sam/Jess became Dean/Sam/Jess (positioning of the names is vital) and now... Well. Now we have the entire series re-outlined up to Salvation (and counting).

30) Remixes

Steve, Sara, Jim, Rosenbaum, and I all decided (I told them) that they were gonna remix one of my fics and I'm going to do one of theirs each.

31) PORN.

I have about 350 words of filthy SamDean blowjob porn and need to get my porn mojo back so I can write enough to post and crosspost.

Last updated: October 9th 2007